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Multicultural Aromatherapy
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From Enthusiast To Aromatherapist


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"Veronica, I just wanted to personally thank you for opening me up to the wonderful world of AROMATHERAPY. Your training has been truly eye opening, awe inspiring and informative. I am now not just a lover of aromatherapy but a total ADDICT. I am honored to have been trained by you and I look forward to sharing my love of the wonderful modality with my current and future clients. I would without a doubt recommend your course to anyone, your wealth of knowledge is mind blowing, I hope to someday be as well informed about Aromatherapy as you. I know so much more now and I look forward to my continued journey of the senses!"     

Thanks for eveyrthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Your Aromatherapy Protege'Cee Cee " The Scent Diva" Caldwell-Miller       

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